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Dr Jack Newman

Dr. Jack Newman

In 1970, Dr. Jack Newman completed his medical studies at the University of Toronto. He embarked on his medical journey with an internship at Vancouver General Hospital. His specialization in paediatrics began in Quebec City, culminating at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children from 1977 to 1981. That pivotal year, Dr. Newman achieved Fellowship status with the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and also secured Board Certification from the AAP.

Dr. Newman's medical expertise has been sought worldwide, with assignments in Central America, New Zealand, and South Africa. Notably, he established Canada's inaugural hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in 1984. His role as a consultant for UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative took him to Gabon, the Ivory Coast, and back to Canada, where he evaluated hospitals.

His tenure as a staff paediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children's emergency department spanned from 1983 to 1992 in Toronto. During this period, Dr. Newman also served as the acting chief of emergency services. The breastfeeding clinic, however, gradually demanded more of his attention, leading to a full-time commitment to assisting mothers and infants with breastfeeding. Currently, Dr. Newman is affiliated with the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

As an author, Dr. Newman has made significant contributions to the field of breastfeeding. His collaborative work with Teresa Pitman in 2000 resulted in the widely acclaimed "Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding" (known in Canada) and "The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers" (titled in the US), with updates released in January 2003, January 2005, and November 2006. Their joint publication in 2006, "The Latch and Other Keys to Breastfeeding Success," further cemented their authority in the field. Additionally, translations of Dr. Newman's "Guide to Breastfeeding" and the accompanying visual DVD into French are titled “L’allaitement : comprendre et réussir.” Efforts to translate these important resources into Spanish are currently underway.

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Edith Kernerman

Edith Kernerman

Beginning her journey in 2001, Edith Kernerman shifted from volunteer work to a full-time commitment in aiding breastfeeding mothers. The next year saw her become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Lactation Educator in Toronto, Canada. Kernerman's significant achievement in 2005 was the founding of the International Meeting of the Minds, a platform for experts to deliberate over varying perspectives in lactation medicine. Continuously, she strives to lessen contradictions in lactation information by fostering discussions among specialists.

2006 marked another milestone for Kernerman as she co-established and took on the co-director role at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute. Additionally, in 2005, alongside Jack Newman, Kernerman produced the instructional DVD, "Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding," targeting healthcare professionals and nursing mothers. This educational tool is available in various languages, including French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. Kernerman, collaborating with Eileen Park, played a pivotal role in updating Newman’s Immediate Post Partum Breastfeeding Decision Tree. Alongside Newman, she travels extensively, imparting knowledge through courses such as the WHO 20-hour Lactation Management Course. Her current research, entitled "The Importance of Skin to Skin Care: Breastfeeding and Empowerment in the First Hours of Life," will be a key feature in her forthcoming book, “How to Breastfeed the Baby Who Does Not Yet Latch.” Her authorship includes "The Gameplan for Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the First 24 hours of life and Beyond: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals," and she co-devised the innovative lactation method "L-Eat: the Elite way to Latch: Empower, Attach, Transfer." Both "The GamePlan" and "L-Eat" have been translated into five languages.

Kernerman, an influential figure in lactation consultancy, recently founded the Ontario Lactation Consultants Association. Her memberships extend to the Canadian Lactation Consultants Association (CLCA), the International Lactation Consultants Association, and the Ontario Breastfeeding Committee. Additionally, she serves as a liaison from CLCA to the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada.

Her personal experience includes the breastfeeding of her two daughters, further enriching her professional insights.

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