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The L-eat - The Elite Way To Latch: Empower, Attach, Transfer!

Laminated tool, updated 2010,



What is L-eat?

  • A laminated, write-on, wipe-off charting /observation/assessment / intervention latching tool
  • An evidenced-based, fully-referenced, step-by-step guide intended to be used as a hands-off or hands-on assessment tool.
  • It is the perfect charting tool that may be used by the practitioner for charting

Who Can use L-Eat?

  • L-Eat may be used by anyone assisting the mother with breastfeeding: Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Doulas, the mother's partner, or the mother herself.

 How Does L-Eat Work?

  • The support person holds the tool and reads off the steps to the mother, who latches the baby on her own with the verbal guidance read off from the tool.
  • The practitioner and mother go through it together while , at each step,  mother assesses whether she has addressed her own concerns
  • In this way, mother learns to latch baby by herself while the practitioner is able to record mother's progress
  • Meanwhile, the support person checks off the boxes that apply according to the mother's responses to the questions/statements on the tool - this is the charting part
  • Once the charting is completed the completed chart is then photocopied twice: one copy for mother to take home, one copy is kept for the mother's chart
  • May use any kind of marker, but water-based or dry erase work best)
  • The tool is then wiped clean ready to use for the next patient

When is it indicated to use the L-Eat tool?

  • This tool is used for prevention and treatment of sore nipples/sore breasts, low milk supply, fussy baby, sleepy baby, too-frequent feedings, long feedings
  • May be used for the mother's first baby  on first or subsequent  latching to prevent problems, or,
  • May be used at any stage during lactation when there are problems or to diagnose and treat problems

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